Home Design & Documentation for DA and Construction Certificate. When contemplating your new Home, Extension or Alteration, Commercial or Industrial Project, you need much more than just a set of plans.

The complexity of Planning Regulations, the need for energy efficiency, proper siting and orientation, aside from construction and finishes, requires a complete service of Design and Documentation capable of offering the most appropriate advice for your specific needs.
From the early stages of your project the involvement of specialists, even in the selection of the best block of land for the type of lifestyle you wish to have, can be highly beneficial.

Designing the appropriate Home or Extension for you is an exercise that needs your full involvement with professionals who can guide you at every stage. The best solution involves the best decision making at the right time. There is also the need to involve other professionals in the design process from an early stage if necessary to establish the most cost efficient way to achieve your project. The appropriate use of Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers and Construction certifiers ensures a trouble free passage to the completion of your new Building or Extension.

With Planning Requirements becoming more complex, the proper preparation of drawings, statements of environmental effects and if necessary the appropriate energy efficient rating “BasiX” certification ensures that the approval process runs smoothly.
Care in design of building mass, proportion and placement on site is very important to achieve a balanced design that meets all the requirements of Council. In addition many remaining gap sites have specific planning controls which require detailed negotiations with Council to ensure that the appropriate design criteria is met.

With a broad experience in the field of Residential, Home Design, Alterations and Additions, Commercial and Industrial Projects, Caniglen Pty Ltd, Design & Drafting can provide the appropriate service for a wide range of projects.

An initial consultation with one of our design team will help you define the extent of project you wish to build. They can then design with you to reach your desired new Building or Extension. At all stages their experience with all types of design and building project enables them to guide you.

Their knowledge of local builders can assist you to select the final builder for your home or if you wish to be an owner builder they can provide assistance at every stage. If you are considering a building project of any nature an initial consultation can provide a clear path through what is becoming increasingly more difficult.


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