Caniglen can co-ordinate and assist with:


Structural design including but not exclusively:


Retaining walls for rivers entraining or land applications in:-

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Gabion baskets
  • Reinforced masonry
  • Mass Masonry or stone
  • Concrete Blocks


Domestic Applications of

  • Slabs and foundations
  • Superstructure in timber, masonry or steel including floors and walls.
  • Design for alterations or extensions.


Commercial Applications of:-

  • Single storey structures including steel frames as portals or trusses of any span, including mezzanine.
  • Slabs, and foundation 


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Architectural - Mechanical

Caniglen can co-ordinate and assist with the following affiliated services:

Waste Water Treatment
Traffic Assessments
Heritage Assessments
Acoustic Assessments
Caddsman Software
Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)