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Accoustic Assessments

Acoustic engineering consulting services in the areas of architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, aerodynamics, thermodynamics and energy rating as well as window certification testing. All assessments are supported by extensive field instrumentation, advanced CAE programs and facilities, such as a boundary layer wind tunnel, various acoustic chambers as well as façade and window test rigs.

Engineers are involved in all different stages of the building and construction process – design, certification, tender preparation, construction supervision as well as maintenance and remedial advice. These extensive services have been an integral part in many hotel and office
developments, apartment buildings, airports, sports facilities and special-purpose spaces such as theatres and concert halls or film and sound studios.


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Caniglen can co-ordinate and assist with the following affiliated services:

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Traffic Assessments
Heritage Assessments
Acoustic Assessments
Caddsman Software
Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)