Architect is the only software that combines the ability to rapidly model building elements in full 3D while simultaneously and automatically handling routine drawing tasks. While it is satisfying to design and present 3D models, we know that ultimately your work will be judged substantially on the quality of your documentation. Architect allows you to produce accurate and impressive drawings directly from the model.

Architect makes reality of the ideal of designing and documenting building projects using a single three-dimensional model.

Architect is the only CAD software that gives you the complete freedom to develop your ideas in a true 3D world. Some systems force you to work in plan, requiring you to switch back and forth between views to see the result. In Architect, you can perform all operations in any view and in as many as four concurrently.

Architect gives you the freedom to organise your work simply. Its unique Project and Zone structure allows you to manage even the most complex projects with many levels and materials standards. And when these are altered, all elements referring to them are automatically updated.

Architect allows you the freedom to 'sketch' the plans with no need to adhere to rigid dimensional constraints.
You can 'sketch' walls in freehand, and then shuffle them into alignment with each other, boundaries or setout lines. Simple schematic walls can be quickly and selectively changed as you make decisions about construction.
Insert openings and move them about-all with consummate ease while the system does the hackwork. Junctions are retained, openings healed and re-cut, and hatching regenerated throughout the most radical of operations while constantly maintaining the result of the drawings.
Even at an advanced stage in the documentation process, you can make changes comfortable in the knowledge that the effects are easily seen. Complicated tasks such as creating the roof are automated making your job even easier. Select the exterior wall and Architect will do the rest.

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No other CAD package gives you total control over your workflow like Modeller.

Modeller was conceived as a 3D modelling product, so naturally the drawing and modelling tools are simply structured, fun and easy to use. Everything you need to produce polished and accurate drawings as well as impressive models is right there in the one package.

We understand that ultimately your requirement is to produce fully annotated and accurate drawings. Caddsman has designed the software based on this principle.

The Caddsman Software range also includes specialist applications such as Architect, Numerical Control (CAM), Mapping, Surveying, Animator, This provides you with exceptional integration of applications with optimum re-use of all drawing entities resulting in more effective use.

Modeller is the perfect software to increase your productivity from design stage to manufacture. The powerful functions make it an ideal standard for all projects, from simple drafting to the most complex modelling.

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